Office Genie - Jean Issler

Address 920 West Ave, Holdrege, NE 68949
Phone Number 308-991-8657

Office Genie, Jean Issler, is proud to be your Administrative Assistant for South Platte United Chambers of Commerce !

Virtual Assistance for Small Businesses and NonProfits

A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is an administrative assistant who works for you, but not in your office. She works out of her own office using her own equipment and resources. Except for batch-pricing, you are charged an hourly rate only for time actually worked.

Office Genie can:  Maintain your mailing list; buy advertising for you; write your newsletter, blog, press release, article or resume; post to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for you; screen your job applicants; build or maintain your web site; design and send out direct mail, invitations, sale announcements and appointment reminders; send out your Christmas cards and birthday cards; update your price listing; or just about anything you don’t have time to do.

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