Hard times, but hope for better things

South Platte United Chambers of Commerce (SPUCC) has made monumental contributions to the welfare of the region. In the beginning there was drought, flood, and hardship. But there was also hope. Hope for better weather, for an end to the Depression, for irrigation, and for one hundred and one other things that could bring prosperity to Nebraska and particularly to the south of the Platte River.

History is made

Action came on April 4, 1934, in Holdrege, NE, when a secretary recorded the following:  “In reference to an invitation extended by the Hastings, Minden, and Holdrege Chambers of Commerce, 140 representatives of community clubs, commercial and service clubs, and chambers of commerce representing 24 towns met at the Hotel Dale.”

The meeting was called at the suggestion of R.O. Canaday of Hastings who asked that the communities south of the Platte River in Western and Central Nebraska unite and form an association. Canaday told those attending ,

“Nebraska is the finest state in the Union. This is the finest region in the state and here are the finest people on earth. But the region has not been given the consideration in many matters it should have. Our organization can make possible a more efficient representation of the region’s needs to the legislative bodies and public officials.”

The Mission

The group, before adjourning, agreed to the following preamble:

“The purpose of this organization is to further the economic and social welfare of the state of Nebraska with particular reference to the welfare of the territory from which it draws its membership. The name of the association shall be the South Platte United Chambers of Commerce (SPUCC).”

Changing times with a foothold in history

In 2015, with attendance lagging, member met to define a new direction for SPUCC. Meeting programs are now stronger and offer better information as a result of changing from monthly to quarterly meetings. More focus has been given to going digital and including a new generation of business people. However, a review of the mission statement crafted 80-some years ago concluded that our mission is still the same and still strong.