2020 Census Digital Action Weekend: May 1-3

April 30, 2020

2020 Census Digital Action Weekend: May 1-3

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Dear Complete Count Committee Member,

We have reached an important milestone in the 2020 Census: More than half of the households in our nation have responded – that’s nearly 80 million responses!

As we recognize this achievement, we thank you for your support and ongoing effort to Get Out the Count, as well as your continued outreach to encourage self-response, especially among the hardest-to-count populations.

Your CCC is comprised of membership representing leadership among all aspects of your community. We know the messages you send to those you serve are impactful. You have used your voices as trusted messengers to reassure your community that the census is safe, easy, and important. We thank our partners, the public, and everyone who has helped to shape the success of the 2020 Census.

We aim to count everyone accurately while we support efforts to protect the health and safety of the American public and the Census Bureau team. Current times are unprecedented, but they also present an opportunity to reach families digitally across the nation and work towards keeping the 2020 Census in the conversation across channels and platforms. It has never been easier to respond to the census and to help promote the census from your own home.

For this reason we are encouraging all partners, influencers, community leaders, and trusted voices to join us during a Digital Action Weekend, May 1-3, 2020. We are counting on CCCs to assist with this mobilization by reaching out to their members and other leaders in their networks. We hope you will join us. Please encourage your supporters to use #2020Census and/or #Censo2020 when posting on their social platforms.

Key message: It’s not too late to respond to the 2020 Census while being safe and practicing social distancing at home. Once you have responded, please encourage your family, friends, and loved ones to complete the census, too.

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Please help us spread the word about the 2020 Census, and encourage people to respond on their own if they haven’t yet done so:

Stay safe, everyone, and please keep encouraging people to shape their future now by responding to the census at